Building on Blockchain

BTL is building a next generation of business applications, providing:

  • Cost reduction

  • Regulation and transparency

  • Blockchain education

Unlock the power of the blockchain for your business.

Real World Use Cases

The possibility with blockchain technology is endless. Here are six highly applicable use cases that we focus on.


Creating simple and secure transaction methods using blockchain


Creating authentication certificates that prevent dangerous counterfeits


Making it simpler and cheaper to send money to other countries


Providing transparency in online gambling payments


Providing certificates of authenticity that prevent forgery


Ensuring that event tickets you purchase are safe and secure from fraud

Understanding the ecosystem

BTL develops platforms built on blockchain, an innovative new technology that uses cryptography to securely and immutably record information. BTL offers businesses the opportunity to utilize the blockchain by creating easy to use and intuitive platforms. Our platforms will help your business become more efficient by working alongside existing legacy systems, and also open new opportunities to your business that have not previously been available.

We also provide workshops and seminars for companies looking to gain a better understanding of blockchain technology and how it may affect their business.

Application Layer
Platform Layer
Blockchain Layer

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BTL builds enterprise level solutions that enable businesses to increase efficiency and open new opportunities by harnessing the power of the blockchain in everyday transactions.

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