Interbit is using distributed-ledger-technology and smart contracts to develop ground-breaking technologies that dramatically improve efficiency across several industries. Some of the world’s largest institutions are using Interbit to explore new opportunities on the blockchain.

Cross-border settlement platform proof-of-concept now accepting participants

This first of its kind blockchain based cross-border settlement solution offers forward thinking banks a unique opportunity to explore the numerous benefits offered by blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Powered by BTL’s Interbit trading and settlement platform and built in collaboration with VISA Europe, the proof-of-concept has been built to perform realistic, high volume and high velocity simulations of cross-border transfers.

Eligible participants will gain firsthand knowledge and experience to help them assess the tremendous benefits of these transformative technologies to their business and the financial services ecosystems as a whole.

To learn more about this initiative, the benefits demonstrated in this proof-of-concept and to participate, click here.

A Giant Leap Forward

Interbit technology offers profound savings in software development time, quality, and cost!

Truly Elegant

Interbit is a complex, but elegant, technology stack that unifies financial infrastructures in a way that was never possible before

Built in Compliance

Compliance is built into Interbit’s core for fast and secure global settlement

The Interbit Platform

Interbit gives Financial Institutions (FIs) access to building blocks that can revolutionize their settlements and payments networks. Once connected to Interbit’s API, it is easy for FIs to assemble these building blocks in a way that best fits their individual needs.

The Interbit Network

Interbit Applications

Financial institutions are using Interbit for a wide variety of payment applications.

  • Bank to bank payments
  • Micro payments
  • Macro payments
  • Payment processing
  • Cross border & cross currency payments
  • Smart money with built in rules
  • Trustless transfers
  • Preventative compliance

Real World Use Cases

There are countless use cases for blockchain technology, but here are six use cases that we focus on:


Instant interbank payments


Create simple correspondent banking relationships with no counterparty risk


Faster and cheaper international payments for consumers and business


Risk-free bilateral settlement of FX transactions


Immutable and tamper-proof audit trails


Inexpensively store immutable data and a tamper-proof record of events at scale


BTL builds enterprise level solutions that enable businesses to increase efficiency and open new opportunities by harnessing the power of the blockchain in everyday transactions.

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