We’re bringing the world’s critical systems into consensus.

BTL is increasing efficiency and opening new market opportunities by harnessing the power of the blockchain to bring the world’s critical systems into consensus.

Powered by Interbit

Interbit is an enterprise grade blockchain platform that enables applications to be built, managed, and run on a blockchain.


Privacy isn’t just about encryption. Interbit ensures that only those who should see your data can see your data.


Businesses need platforms that can scale to hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, not just hundreds of transactions per second. Interbit is built to scale.


Interbit is the first blockchain platform developed with portability in mind. Interbit is able to run full nodes on lightweight IoT devices.

What makes Interbit different?

Unlike other blockchain platforms, Interbit is extraordinarily lightweight, allows fine-grained access control to keep data private and restricted to particular nodes, and enables scalability through indefinitely extendable blockchain networks.

Applications & Use cases

Interbit empowers organizations across industries to introduce blockchain technology to their businesses. By building core business functions on Interbit, organizations minimize workflows, integration issues, en route to future-readying their businesses.

BTL is already working with global organizations in the following sectors:

Financial Services




We understand that blockchain technology won’t solve every business problem, but through our extensive client engagement across these sectors globally, we have identified countless use cases, and completed several successful Proof of Concept projects.

To explore your use cases or discuss how Interbit can add value to your organization please Contact Us.

Cross-border settlement platform proof-of-concept now accepting participants

This first of its kind blockchain based cross-border settlement solution offers forward thinking banks a unique opportunity to explore the numerous benefits offered by blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Powered by BTL’s Interbit trading and settlement platform and built in collaboration with VISA Europe, the proof-of-concept has been built to perform realistic, high volume and high velocity simulations of cross-border transfers.

Eligible participants will gain firsthand knowledge and experience to help them assess the tremendous benefits of these transformative technologies to their business and the financial services ecosystems as a whole.

To learn more about this initiative, the benefits demonstrated in this proof-of-concept and to participate, click here.

What Others Are Saying

"For me the opportunity is a fascinating and potentially very beneficial one. Through the use of smart contracts and blockchains I believe we can create a fast, compliant and low-cost interbank payment and settlement service, with embedded regional compliance.

The PoC will deliver a first-of-its-kind blockchain-based settlement system, and we are pleased to be working with BTL to explore its implications and opportunities for our industry."

Hendrik Kleinsmiede, Co-Founder and Innovation Partner of Visa Europe Collab

See article here.

"The pilot project showed how BTL’s blockchain platform, Interbit can be used to innovate in the field of energy trading. Use of such technology can help by streamlining back office processes, leading to reduced risk, better protection against cyber threats and ultimately significant cost savings. Further engineering and organisational effort is needed to achieve these outcomes."

Andrew Woosey, Partner at EY

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