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Interbit is a blockchain development platform designed for business innovators and developers to quickly and easily incorporate the best of blockchain capabilities into enterprise applications.


Privacy isn’t just about encryption. Interbit ensures that data is only available to those who should see it.


Businesses need platforms that can scale to hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. Interbit is built to scale.


Interbit does not require developers to learn new programming languages, special tools or even have deep knowledge of blockchain technology.

What makes Interbit different?

Interbit is a next generation blockchain platform. Its unique chain joining capability between thousands of Interbit blockchains enables scalable security, data integrity and privacy.

Applications & Use cases

The Interbit platform includes a suite of API’s and smart contracts that allow application developers to quickly and easily incorporate the best of blockchain into enterprise applications. Applications powered by Interbit can drive enormous efficiencies by reducing or eliminating the effort and costs of conventional processes by which multiple parties/systems interact with a common data set.

BTL™ is already working with global organizations in the following sectors:

Financial Services


We understand that blockchain technology won’t solve every business problem, but through our extensive client engagement across these sectors globally, we have identified countless use cases, and completed several successful Proof of Concept projects.

To explore your use cases or discuss how Interbit can add value to your organization please Contact Us.

Cross-border settlement platform proof-of-concept was successful

The first of its kind blockchain based cross-border settlement solution offered forward thinking banks a unique opportunity to explore the numerous benefits offered by blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Built in collaboration with VISA Europe, the proof-of-concept trading and settlement application was built to perform realistic, high volume and high velocity simulations of cross-border transfers.

Eligible participants gained firsthand knowledge and experience to help them assess the tremendous benefits of these transformative technologies to their business and the financial services ecosystems as a whole.

Successful completion of European energy trading pilot with BP, Eni Trading & Shipping and Wien Energie

This 12 week pilot involved building out an energy trading confirmation solution on BTL’s Interbit platform, which was successful in all 8 test scenarios.

The pilot proved that Interbit can streamline many trading and back office processes across the energy trade lifecycle such as confirmations, actualisations, invoice generation, settlement, audit, reporting and regulatory compliance, allowing enterprises to significantly reduce risk, costs and the threat of cyber-attack, as well as increasing their trading opportunities.

Along with its clients, BTL has invited additional energy companies to a 6 month go-to production phase, where BTL and the participating companies will work to launch a live, commercial version of the energy trading solution.

What Others Are Saying

"BTL’s architecture is like no other I’ve seen, and it is the only one that succinctly deals with the GDPR ‘right to be forgotten’ requirement: to forget a user, simply delete their blockchains."

Jason Bloomberg, Forbes

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"For me the opportunity is a fascinating and potentially very beneficial one. Through the use of smart contracts and blockchains I believe we can create a fast, compliant and low-cost interbank payment and settlement service, with embedded regional compliance.

The PoC will deliver a first-of-its-kind blockchain-based settlement system, and we are pleased to be working with BTL to explore its implications and opportunities for our industry."

Hendrik Kleinsmiede, Co-Founder and Innovation Partner of Visa Europe Collab

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"The pilot project showed how BTL’s blockchain platform, Interbit can be used to innovate in the field of energy trading. Use of such technology can help by streamlining back office processes, leading to reduced risk, better protection against cyber threats and ultimately significant cost savings. Further engineering and organisational effort is needed to achieve these outcomes."

Andrew Woosey, Partner at EY

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