Originally published at Korea IT Times

VANCOUVER, British Columbia and LONDON, May 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – BTL GROUP LTD. (TSX Venture:BTL) (“BTL” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it will be demonstrating its Interbit platform in public for the first time, next week, at the Consensus blockchain conference in New York. BTL’s booth is number 133 and its exhibit will allow developers to interact with the platform and build applications on Interbit blockchains. Furthermore, the first third party blockchain application built on Interbit will also be unveiled at Consensus.

Interbit is the Company’s token free, next generation blockchain platform, that was made available on April 23, 2018 for testing and feedback (Interbit can be accessed and downloaded from the link https://interbit.io/). The platform provides a more secure environment for computing, ensures privacy of data, and via its unique “chain joining” capability, multiple blockchains can be used to build applications that are faster, scalable, and more resilient.

TruckLovely is the third party Interbit blockchain based application that will be unveiled at Consensus. It is a truck routing application that streamlines logistics for companies and will benefit from the inherent uptime that Interbit provides, meaning companies using the application will not suffer from intermittent connectivity issues. Commercialisation of the TruckLovely application is expected later in 2018 when it will be available to purchase via BTL’s Interbit store.

“Blockchain is most commonly associated with cryptocurrency, but it has so many more potential real-world applications,” says Tom Thompson, Chief Technology Officer of BTL. “The TruckLovely app running on our Interbit platform brings blockchain out of the virtual world and uses it to deliver tangible goods and services to bricks and mortar businesses.”

BTL is also a sponsor at the Consensus Building Blocks Hackathon, being held at New York’s Microsoft Tech Centre, where circa 250 developers will be competing to win prize money for developing the best blockchain application. BTL is challenging developers to build a social media application with the functionality to delete data and is offering a reward of $5,001 to the winner.

Consensus is expected to attract 4,500 developers and business leaders from around the world.