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BTL’s recently released product, Interbit, is a next generation blockchain platform.

BTL Group’s (CVE:BTL) Dominic McCann is the kind of chief executive officer that stops. Smiles. And tells this reporter what blockchain really is – in a way a normal person can actually understand.

Quite honestly? It’s refreshing in the world of blockchain, amidst its complicated, heavily laid-on jargon that is commonplace across the industry

“It’s very clever. It’s like an internet with built-in robustness, that can allow people to trade without necessarily having to know, or trust each other,” he says. “Ultimately, it can make your data more private. It can be used to address many problems for business and people alike.”

Interbit: a next generation blockchain platform

The blockchain technology company, with offices in London, Calgary and Vancouver, recently announced the rollout of Interbit, its next generation blockchain platform, for testing and feedback.

“We’ve pioneered how blockchain technology can be built better,” said McCann.

“The beauty of Interbit is that data can be distributed, or transactions or records – but not copied.”

According to McCann, Interbit will allow for applications to be built that can operate and interconnect multiple blockchains through its chain joining capability.

“Interbit uses many blockchains that can be joined to form many different solution architectures.”

The result? Building applications that keep data totally private, are faster, more secure and more resilient

WATCH: BTL Group CEO McCann excited about launch of blockchain platform Interbit

The non-tokenised, non-cryptocurrency platform was created to address three problems: privacy, scalability and ease of use, all shortcomings of current blockchain platforms.

“We’re thrilled about bringing Interbit to market,” said McCann, adding that the company is now looking to get feedback on its first release.

“Right now, we want to get feedback from developers, from small businesses, from large enterprise and from people who are interested in using this new way of computing to build better applications.”

Canada’s first publicly-traded blockchain company

Behind every pioneering platform, there’s often a pioneering team. Interestingly, BTL was Canada’s first publicly-traded blockchain company, when in 2015 it went public on the TSX Venture. Today, it has offices in Vancouver, Calgary and London with around 30 employees.

McCann became CEO in 2017, and has a compelling background. He has over two decades of experience in finance, industry and management consulting, with former employers including SAS institute, Accenture, Dell, Morse and mhm Group.

For now, the future looks bright for BTL – and McCann – as the company continues to push forward as a leader in the blockchain space.