I am delighted to announce my appointment to the BTL Advisory Board.

BTL is a rapidly growing Blockchain Services company whose purpose is to increase efficiency and open new market opportunities by harnessing the power of the blockchain to bring the world’s critical systems into consensus.

Over the last 25 years, I have successfully delivered innovation and business & technology services at some of the largest and most respected global companies, including Visa, J P Morgan, HP Enterprise Services & American Express. In my last corporate role, I used my business and my service & emerging payment expertise to help setup and run Visa’s European innovation hub whose purpose was to help identify the most exciting ideas in payments and then support their development into commercial realities.

During my time working at Visa Europe Collab I setup and led their blockchain practice and led a successful Proof of Concept & pilot on Interbank Settlement with BTL, EY and a number of leading European banks. https://vision.visaeurope.com/blogs/exploring-the-blockchain-cross-border-settlement.

I am joining BTL because I passionately believe in the transformational potential of blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies — both as a platform to deliver new capabilities & services in domains not easily served by existing technologies, and to enable radical streamlining and complete replacement of existing business models to add significant value to all. It was the Nobel prize winning economist Friedrich Hayek who gave us an inspiring vision of capitalism as a never-ending system of cooperation among strangers. I believe effectively deployed blockchains can help us realise this vision.

Put simply, blockchains are distributed databases; however, it is the irreversibility of transactions and peer to peer synchronization of data which ensures the chain is tamper proof and enables information recorded on the blockchain to be trusted by all.

However, there are a few widely recognised issues and challenges in the blockchain domain that have limited the wider adoption and enterprise use of this important new technology. Protecting the privacy of the data recorded on the blockchain and effective scalability of the platform are some of the main issues.

BTL have correctly identified and solved for the privacy & scalability challenges through the innovative design & architecture of their Interbit solution — which I directly experienced during the Interbank Settlement pilot, along with BTL’s focus on excellence, meeting & exceeding client expectations and building a compelling vision for the future.

I look forward to working with the BTL Leadership team and Board of Directors to help realise the company vision of bringing the world’s critical systems into consensus.