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Over $50,000 is up for grabs at the Consensus Building Blocks hackathon in NYC this weekend. We will be there to judge, watch, mentor and support participant developers as they try to capture part of the prize using our new application development platform - Interbit. But, there is an even bigger prize…in total, 20 to 60 BILLION dollars is up for grabs! This is the amount of money that will be spent on blockchain applications and services in the coming years. We may not know exactly what the future looks like, but we do know that developers are going to be asked to build it. And, they will be paid handsomely to do it. How much of that prize will you capture?

At Interbit our sole mission is to help developers build better apps faster using our 100% new patent-pending blockchain - Interbit. Below are 5 ways Interbit helps you capture your slice of the pie!

1. Making blockchain accessible and easy to use.

No new languages or tools or cryptocurrencies! If you can write JavaScript you can build with Interbit. Interbit takes care of all of the blockchain functions - you simply develop your architecture, write the business logic, and design the UI. In other words, spend your time on designing and building your app, NOT on worrying about the blockchain.

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Full Disclosure: Our developer getting started experience is a little rough at the moment! We are working on that right now. We’ll soon have updated docs and a create- Interbit-app that will take care of all the set-up for you so you can get right to learning/coding. Stay tuned

2. A solution to the Privacy Problem

If you know a little about blockchain you’ll know that keeping your client’s data completely/truly private on a large distributed network can be a challenge. Interbit solves this problem allowing you to keep private data on private chains and join blockchains together to share only what data others need to see. TRUE PRIVACY through data segregation. alt text

3. A solution to the Scale Problem

The biggest problem in blockchain technology today is scalability. Single blockchains slow as they grow – it’s a fact. alt text Interbit solves the scale problem by letting you join many chains together. When one chain isn’t enough, join it to another and another scaling horizontally as much and as fast as you need to. Chain joining is unique to Interbit and is patent pending.

4. Accelerating development through app integration

Every developer knows to not build something that already exists. Interbit provides some fundamental services for user account creation/management (we’ve open sourced these code libraries!) and we are creating more all the time; payments, hosting, support are all coming soon. alt text

5. Providing the marketplace

Developers need customers who need Apps. Customers need developers who can build apps. We have a growing number of both groups! Interbit is designed to be the marketplace where these groups meet. The Interbit Store will become a central marketplace where buyers and sellers find each other to buy and sell service or buy and sell the apps they need.

Interbit powered apps are better, your customers will love that; they can be built faster, you’ll love that; and, our mission is to support your journey from idea to business with our Interbit marketplace, we both love that.

How can we help you? Start here.

If you are a developer/freelancer and want to learn (and earn!) Interbit – Start here
If you are a business leader hoping to make $ from blockchain – Start here
If you are an Investor and want to learn more about our company and stock – Start here

How you can help us!

If you are already testing Interbit, we want to hear from you! Tell us what you’d like Interbit to do for you.

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Author: Jay Milroy, Head of Product Management (and hackathon judge!), BTL Group @jaymilroy

Jay lives in Vancouver with his family. When not working on Interbit, Jay spends his time playing hockey, traveling, and skiing in Whistler.