With our partners we can support you through your entire blockchain journey.

Have you identified a blockchain use case for your organization or client? If so, we'd love to hear from you!

BTL and our growing list of global partners are looking for opportunities to develop customized proof of concepts that demonstrate the power of Interbit. We know how to identify and create applications that showcase the transformational business potential that blockchain can deliver to your enterprise.

Use Case Assessment

Review and evaluate various use cases to identify the ideal scope for an initial POC.

POC Definition and Technical Design

Design POC’s that are efficient from a resource and budget perspective so that they maximize budget and limit disruption while delivering the proof.

POC Development and Hosting

Development teams with the right skills and domain expertise working in hosted environments that are inexpensive and secure.

Business Transformation Planning

Imagining and planning for the expansion of blockchain-based applications and/or processes.

Application Support

Once up and running, BTL and our partners collaborate on the delivery of appropriate SLA’s for support.